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Rod Kirby is an American film director, entrepreneur, and success coach. He is the owner of Kirby Media Productions which provides graphic design, web development, and video production services to small businesses & organizations.

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Love in Dark Places

Love in Dark Places

Meet, Tony, he’s a handsome and talented minister of music at the church he’s attended all his life. Without warning, his fiancée leaves him for someone else, in the church, and turns his life upside down. Now, he's spiraling out of control. This leads him to some of the darkest corners in Memphis looking to fill the void left in his heart. He begins paying for sex hoping to find the physical and emotion love he lost. As a result of his recklessness he meets Alliesha at a HIV clinic and they instantly fall in love – despite where they met.

Now, 3 months into their relationship, Tony and Alliesha are forced to confront their sin, dark secrets, and murky future together. Will their relationship stand strong during the storm or are there better shores beyond the horizon?

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