6 Biblical Investment Strategies for Building a Successful Business

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What are you investing into the success of your business?

Any home-builder will tell you,

“… in order to build a beautiful house that will stand the test of time, you have to invest in quality supplies & materials.”

The same is true when building the dream God placed in your heart. You have to make an investment in quality tools for success in your personal and professional life.

This doesn’t always mean spending thousands of dollars on equipment, coaching, and other resources.  God gives us everything we need to succeed . . . we just have to follow His example . . .

The Ultimate Example

Think about Christ. Everything He did was successful. Why? What was his secret? (other than being the son of God, of course…)

The Word shows us exactly why Christ was so successful;

  • He invested his time and energy into doing the will of his Father. (John 6:38)
  • He invested time in prayer and study. (Luke 6:12, Luke 2:41-52)
  • He invested time in preparing and training his disciples for the work to be done once he was gone from the Earth. (Luke 9:1-10)
  • He invested his time and energy into helping the blind to see, the lame to walk and the oppressed to be free. (Luke 4: 16-21)

Jesus understood the power of investing his time and energy for a successful return on that investment!

The Word tells us to do all things as unto the Lord. Invest your time, energy, and money into doing those things for your life and business that are pleasing unto God. Then you will have good success.

Read the following tips and begin applying them today.

6 Investment Tips for Success

  1. Be about the Father’s business. Matthew 6:33 reminds us to seek first the Kingdom of God so that all things can be added unto us. Seek Him and you will succeed.
  2. Be consistent with you prayer life. Never forget the prayers of a righteous man avail much.
  3. Study the Word. Understand what the Word says about how you conduct your business. The Word is filled with expert advice (i.e., Solomon) and wise lessons about a business that pleases God.
  4. Study your business! Whatever your business is, don’t just work in it, continue to learn about it. There are many entrepreneurs who never move beyond where they started and their level of success is evident. Create a budget for quality business education, tools, and resources … INVEST in your success!
  5. Train your team. You can hire or sub-contract to others who are good at what they do. However, you want to make sure that you train them to be good at what they do where your business model is concerned. They need to understand your vision, the mission, and the plan in order to successfully handle the tasks that you delegate to them.
  6. Help Others. As a child of God, you are required to be a servant. Take the time each day to see how you can help others succeed. Look for viable opportunities of service and add them to your business structure. For example, you can have monthly giveaways for your more expensive products, you can host a weekly Q&A session, or you can make yourself available to whatever God deems necessary with your services!

Your success is not dependent upon how much money you earn or spend on your business. Your success stems from your direct relationship with God first and then the rest of the stuff He decides to add based on your faith in Him.

Today, turn your world upside down by using these investment strategies of Christ to build a successful business. What ways do you invest your time and energy into your business’s success? What areas do you need help in? Sound off in the comments below.

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  • Rod says:

    It’s crazy to think that people will spend hundreds of dollars into self-help programs, systems of success (like real-estate), or coaching . . . but won’t take the time to invest spiritually. Don’t you understand that it’s the spirit and not the flesh that will last? Your success is dependent upon the condition (strength, integrity, saturation) of the spirit! Just my 2 cents!

    • Rod, The unfortunate thing with even those who Believe is that the shiny object “get rich quick” syndrome is running rampant so much so that spiritual component is missing. It saddens my heart to see people reaching for dreams that will never be because those dreams are someone else’s. When folks stop trying to live in someone else’s shoes they will see that what God’s vision for their lives is not the same as the next person. Then and only then will they see that if they seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness then all other things will be added unto them. 

  • Stephen Borgman says:

    Latara, I’m so blessed by your Biblical perspective on business.  That’s what keeps me coming back to the Success Center over and over: the Biblical world view and framework from which to conduct my business.  

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